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    Movie Monday

    G yesterday kept asking me to hold a rubber band for him so that he can use it as a sling-shot to shoot his cars around the house. What can I say, I’m lazy, I enjoy child self-sufficiency and a good challenge. So with the help of an empty amazon box, said rubber band, an exacto knife and two Popsicle holders, ta-da!!!!


    I’m not a fan of salads. Really, I’m not. I mean they taste good, but a salad on it’s own is not a meal for me, and I need something heartier. That and most leafy greens don’t do it for me. I like spinach and I like sorrel. Sadly, sorrel isn’t easily available here at all, so this year I decided to grow it on my own, and it really took off. Apparently, G’s a fan too 🙂


    Someone likes rubber bands a lot!


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