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    Math Time

    A chat with G at bed-time today:

    G: Mommy, Dad and I did Ma-ma-ma-Math today[he’s been trying to sound out the first letter of things more these days]
    G: If I have 15 things, and I gave away 11, how many will you have?
    Me: Me? How many will I have? I don’t know. Did you gave ME your 11 things?
    G: Huh?
    Me: Well, If you had 15 things, and you gave away 11, and you gave them to me, then I’ll have 11. Or are you asking, if you had 15 things, and you gave away 11 how many YOU would be left with?
    G: (silence)

    Yeah — I ruined the moment there, didn’t I? Semantics: hard to keep out of the way 🙂

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