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    Mamma’s little product manager

    G was sitting on the stairs this morning, next to his brother, putting on shoes. I realized I had forgotten something upstairs, but couldn’t get up there because I had to kids in my way. I asked:

    Me: G, would you mind getting up?
    G: Why?
    Me: I need to go upstairs to get something.
    G: Oh, ok… here, now you have room

    as he scooted his bootie closer to S2, creating just enough room for me to be able to pass (albeit extremely narrowly). But he didn’t have to get up.

    He gave a perfectly good example of what I do at work. Rather than simply obliging my demand, he asked me what the root of my problem was, and figured out a different solution that still got me what I asked for. That’s ma boy 🙂

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