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    Happy 5th birthday to S2!




    Has it really been 5 years? Feels like it’s gone by so fast, yet that day feels so far away too.

    You have such a big, and expressive personality. You are not afraid to show your emotions, when you’re happy (and you jump up excitedly, or run to dish out hugs)…. and when you’re mad (with the yelling and the stomping). You’re working really hard to get yourself in check in the different settings. I know it’s harder for you, but you’re doing great.

    We’ve changed your life around a bit these past few months. A new classroom (with new rules), new teachers, homework to do every week, along with much less TV time overall and more responsibilities over yourself and our home. It’s a lot to take on, and I’m so proud of you for taking it in stride. I know more changes are in store for you next year too, but I feel confident you’ll rock it!

    You still remain a Lego fiend. Honestly, I hope this stays forever (though my bank account may live to regret it). You are continuing to make amazing creations, and each time they become more intricate, and more dynamic. I may be biased, but I think what you can do and how you think, some older kids can’t even keep up with. You get lost in your Lego world, and can live in that space for hours. I won’t lie: knowing I can send you off for Lego play while I grab a quick nap on a week-end has been really nice. Conversely, I’m your Lego piece finder which both drives me bonkers, but it’s also time I spend with you hanging out and talking that I cherish. You won’t always want me near you like that, so I’m happy to oblige. With that said, I’m probably more excited about the Lego sorted Grandma and Grandpa are getting you for your birthday than you ever will be.

    Sports are still not your thing. While a part of me regrets that you’re not as active as your brother, I know you because you’re like me in that regard. If I can get you to overcome your fear of heights, though, I KNOW you will love climbing, and I’m looking forward to having you try it.

    You are appreciated by the kids in your group of friends and that makes me happy. You like playing with girls as well as you do with the boys, and I love that you give them all equal opportunity.

    I don’t know how many more years in a row I’ll keep saying that you’re still a picky eater. Maybe this will be the last? God, I hope it is! You’re expanding your list of foods up little by little, but it’s at a snail’s rate. Please, oh please get a little better about this by next school year? Your goto of peanut butter sandwich won’t cut it in school, so we gotta get you onto something you will eat and school will let you bring in.

    You love to do art. On your homework while you can get away with one picture you do at least three. Grandma would be so proud!

    (Warning: the following video contains S2’s favorite song. If you finally got What Does the Fox Say from bouncing around your ear drums, you might want to put it on mute)

    What is your name? S****
    DO you know your full name? S**** V R**** Zane. R**** Zane? Yeah, cuz that’s my nickname. Zane’s my nickname
    How old are you about to be? 5!
    What’s your favorite color? Turqoise?
    Who are your best friends? Danny. Parker. Sophie. Georgina?
    What’s your favorite book? Uh, Elfquest! Elquest? That’s a great book! Yeah, I really like it
    What’s your favorite movie? Ugh [pause] The Lego Movie
    What’s your favorite TV show? Phineas and Ferb. Oh yah. And Pokemon, and ugh Batman, aaaaand… Digimon. That’s a lot of shows!
    What’s your favorite animal? Ugh… Diego’s pet. Diego’s pet? What’s diego’s pet? A jaguar! Oh yeah, why the jaquar your favorite? Because he’s so tiny and cute!
    What’s your favorite food? Mac & Cheese! Popular choice in this house!
    What’s your favorite shirt? I’ll show you. This shirt. Oh, the help keep it clean shirt? Yeah! Why do you like it? Because I like the animals. I like every animal
    What advice can you give me? What’s advice?
    What’s your favorite toy? Legos
    What do you want to be when you grow up? Be a policeman! No! A fire fighter.




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