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    G and the X-Ray

    G’s been complaining of stomach aches for awhile. It’s no fun watching your kid go from happy to want-to-curl-into-a-ball miserable, but I expect that these things will happen from time to time. However, this past Saturday was really bad. He was shopping with me in Target and went from laughing/joking around to straight up demanding and crying to go home because he felt that bad. He slept over nap that day: something he hasn’t done in ages, and took a total of 3 naps that afternoon. I called to schedule an appointment for him as soon as the office opened yesterday. We went this morning.

    First of all, I’m going to express my joy over how awesome he was at the appointment today. If you recall, his last visit to Dr. M was horrific. It was the tipping point for his behavioral issues. Today, he was nice, polite, quiet, and cooperative. He got weighed, took his shoes off when asked, and stood still for a height check. I stood off to the side holding my breath. Seriously: night and day difference!!!
    Dr. M sent us across the street to the hospital for an X-Ray and a kit (more on this in a sec). We walked over, since it would’ve taken longer to get back in the car and find a parking spot. Again: awesome kid!
    I’m also going to give kudos to the hospital now too. As soon as we walked in, the Registration and Information desk were right next to each other. I stood there feeling a little torn who to go to first, but the Registration lady flagged me over. She took all our details and set us up for Radiology. They were expecting us, so by the time we took the elevator to the second floor, they just about called us in. The x-ray technician was super awesome too. She spoke to him directly, and engaged him in the whole process. There was a bear laid out on the table, and she explained how she was going to take a picture. Then, in a major score for herself, she asked G if he wanted to turn on the light button for the bear. I mean, it’s buttons: and G. She just made a best friend. He was totally cool to lie down on the table next, and was patient as she adjusted the apron over his “gonads” (her word). I don’t know why this process took so long. It’s not like his gonads were of notable size — and needed special treatment. He was totally still and cooperative the whole time.

    I was worried that he’d freak out when I had to get behind the wall with her while she activated the machine, but he did great. Stood completely still and we only needed one shot. Go G! He got to keep the bear too. I won’t lie, as soon as she offered him the bear I thought to myself “Sweet! Depending on this insurance bill, this may be the most expensive bear ever.” More of a surprise, he took the bear! He’s never been a plush toy kinda kid, so this bear attachment was a bit of a pleasant surprise. But he’s proud of it, and wants to show it off at school tomorrow for Show And Tell.

    Next we went down to the lab for the sample kit we needed to take home. What kind of sample? Fecal. I know – don’t be jealous!!! The lady explained all the “stuff” we had to do, and closed with a “Oh, this will be fun!”. I detected a note of sarcasm. I’m working on G trying to prepare him by telling him next time he poops, he needs to poop in a box. He thinks that hilarious. I’ll give it to him: he’s 4! Poop in a box is funny.

    So… what do you think the chances are I can convince S he needs to be in charge of this science experiment?

    Lastly, props for me, for having fortuitously left my iPad in my purse. Waiting for the lab kit was the longest, and the TiVO app along with some downloaded Peppa Pig kept this little dude happy.

    All in all a good day. I have used up my “good behavior” karma points with him for the day, so I expect the rest to not be as awesome. Still I’m gonna live off this high for awhile.

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    1. Oh no poor G! I hope you get some answers. It’s amazing how the simplist of procedures are such hurdles with the little ones. So glad he did well and the staff was so experienced with kids!

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