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    Foto Friday (the Christmas edition)

    It was a quiet and peaceful Christmas at our home this year. Kids were awesome, we enjoyed the morning Skyping with the grand-parents and wrapped up the afternoon with a playdate with friends. As perfect as a girl can ask for!

    I am starting a new trend with holiday giving for us as of this year. Gifts of 4: something one needs, something one wants, something one wears and something one reads. It actually really helped me focus the gifts on the boys from us a ton. S took care of the “wants” per major wish-lists, while I acquired fuzzy socks and books for each. I don’t feel like our house is over-run with stuff, and the kids are already enjoying each of their gifts.

    G impressed me the day before Christmas by helping me go through the toys in the toy bins. I was hesitant to ask him to do this, but not only was he willing, he was SUPER helpful. We separated each of the toys into 3 piles: stuff that stays, stuff that goes in the garage for play-time in a few months, and stuff we donate. I was shocked by how freely he was ready to donate, knowing full well what it meant. It warmed my heart actually, although I won’t lie, there are some toys I am not ready to part with yet, so they’re heading to the garage and not the donation bin just yet.
    He was also really cute helping me shop for S. Both in his “something to wear” and also for his stocking. It was really, really fun doing that together, and I can’t wait for S2 to get a bit more coherent so he can participate too.

    Just about everything they received was a win: from the stomp rockets that are being launched (daily) at our ceiling, to the over-sized stuffed animals that are now bed-companions. I also did a bit of “shopping” for S2 out of our garage, since he’s into Legos, and we’ve got literally 3 full bins worth. He did get a Mrs. Potato Head, though, and I brought Mr. Potato Head out so there are more parts to go around. They’re happy kids.

    My new brilliant gift labels: address labels I printed out with G’s design consultation 🙂
    Oh also Amazon packing paper is awesome. Amongst its many talents: perfect wrapping paper

    New gloves for his bike

    G wanted to get S a blue griffin shirt.

    Head-light stocking stuffers. And yes, that is S2 staring into his. He lost his “light” consequently.

    There is room for him too… I think.

    Loving his new PJs and pillow

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