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    Foto Friday

    We did some pumpkin painting last week-end. Our pumpkins from Bob’s Pumpkin Farm needed some love, and with some time FINALLY on my calendar, it turned into our Friday activity. I’ll say that I probably spent as much time preparing our table to do this, as it did to paint the orange things, but hey, kids had a good time. Why paint? Well, will you trust these mini-nuts with carving utensils?

    Hard at work!

    This was when I realized when S2 probably shouldn’t be around water-colors. Drinking the water? Yeah. Uhmn. No. Moving on to markers.

    The finished product. As you can see, S2’s a bit of a minimalist. Or perhaps it was the fact that he was FAR more interested taking the caps on/off the markers than actually doing anything with them 🙂

    I made a pumpkin too. My first actual carve. But I didn’t take a picture of it, and I quickly discovered that within 3 days that thing grows hair. Literally. So I guess these lanterns need to be done only 1-2 days ahead of Halloween to fight off mold. Bummer!

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    1. Courtenay says:

      I heard rubbing the exposed flesh after carving a pumpkin with vasoline helps? Not sure about that one, also putting them in the fridge at night. Hope you guys have a nice Halloween.

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