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    Fears realized

    (Post contains graphic content. Read at your own risk)

    Friday morning I walked into S2’s room (waddled really: it was 5:20 in the morning) for his early am wake-up.
    It was a rude awakening as soon as I opened that door, let me tell you, because his room smelled. Of vomit. I had always wondered if there was a difference between a baby spitting up and a baby throwing up. I no longer wonder. It’s a night/day difference.

    There had been a stomach bug going around daycare, so i wasn’t too surprised. What did surprise me was that S2 had thrown up multiple times over the course of the night and not said a peep. He stayed home that day (of course), but spent the rest of the day healthy, and happy as if nothing was wrong. The only trace of what had happened was the pile of laundry in my laundry machine and the un-pretty diapers that have been hanging out since.

    Then yesterday, as I was at a holiday party with some friends, S texted me to say that he was feeling off and would I please not stay out late. I left for home right away. S proceeded to get pretty ill within minutes of me walking into the house and was miserable until the early morning.

    And now me.

    The only one left remaining is G, and I absolutely dread the possibility of him coming down with this while S and I are not both well enough to be with the kids. Let me tell you that when you have to make a choice which end hovers over the toilet is not the best time to also play, feed, or supervise a child. And this is the sort of sick that if a kid has it, I image they would want to be held by a parent until its over.

    So if I’m sick, one of the kids is sick and the other (better) parent is with said sick child, what do you do with the second kid?

    I am thankful at least it’s not all of us exactly at the same time.
    I am thankful neither S and I are single parents.

    But it still sucks when you have to reach out to your support network to be on stand-by and help. ‘Cuz admit it: how eager would you be to enter in the house of (this type of) sick?

    At least (and I am thankful for this) this is supposedly an 8 hour bug. You are violently ill for 8 hours, and then you feel like crap, but at least your homage to the toilet gods has been rendered. I’m hoping my 8 hours will be up before G shows symptoms.

    Stay tuned.

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