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    Disney trip 2013

    With S2 turning 3, I thought it would be a good time to visit the land of the mouse again. As a whole it was a good trip, and certainly one I won’t easily forget. What made it memorable? Lesse, let’s start with:
    – bribes
    – stomach flu
    – kid cuddles

    Re:bribes. Here’s a typical conversation overheard at the park:

    Mom: Behave, or you won’t go on any rides!

    Now here’s what you heard from my mouth:

    Me: G, go on this ride and I’ll give you a quarter!

    That’s right, while moms were bribing good behavior with rides, I was bribing going on rides with quarters. Apparently staying at the Fairfield Inn (which I really liked by the way!) was much better for G, who would’ve rather spent his life savings at the arcade room on the 3rd floor, than go on the rides in the park. He’s a cheap date. I appreciate this, but c’mon! Once he did the ride, he liked it, but convincing him to do it was a bear. Plus it’s hard to motivate a kid and keep him excited when you gotta wait in line for 20 minutes. I’m actually shocked we survived the Jungle Cruise line. I was ready to lose it on that one.

    Re: stomach flu. That’s right — the mighty fell. The mighty in this case being S. On our first afternoon at the park he bailed because he wasn’t feeling well. He went back to the hotel and proceeded to have, what I can only imagine, is one of the worst vacations of his life. Poor guy! I did the following day with both kids on my own. As stressful as I was gearing for it to be, I’ll actually say that it was probably my favorite day there. The kids could kinda tell something was up with dad and they took it easy on me. The quarter bribes helped w/ G, and I stopped for a snack every other ride, which helped with S2. I won’t lie: probably the only healthy things they ate that day were pineapple, grapes and pickles, but I didn’t lose anyone, my sanity or temper, so I consider it a win. S2 insisted that he didn’t want to be in the stroller, only to immediately ask me to carry him once he was out. My arms are sore, but I think I’ve gotten stronger. Bonus: S2 is now into Mommy mode again. Both G and he have been on a Daddy kick for what feels like a year now, so it’s nice to have a kid want me back for a change. I dreaded the rest of us getting ill after S, but luckily we made it back home with no additional casualties. While I’m not eager to welcome the bug back into our lives, if it has to revisit, at least I’m glad we’re home.

    Cuddles. Each parent took a kid as a sleeping buddy. G got S (of course!) and I got S2. He really IS a great snuggler, and I realized that there won’t be that many family vacations left where 1) he would choose to share a bed with me; 2) snuggle up to me the whole time. I know he’ll grow up and prefer his brother (or a separate room) over me, so I’ll take the 4″ of queen-bed-space he’s willing to let me “share” with him 🙂

    S2’s favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. He asked to visit that again in our last few hours at the park. I obliged! For a kid not allowed to play with guns toys, he scored more than 0 points. So he wins 🙂 Second place would probably be a tie between Gadget’s Go Coaster and Toy Story Midway Mania. He also asked to go talk to Goofy and take a picture. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was hanging with Pluto — I just wanted the character hug picture.

    G’s favorite ride was the Radiator Springs Racers. He went on it twice (thank you Parent Swap Pass!). I’m a little bummed S2 was too short to ride it. He would’ve liked it too.

    G insisted on driving in Autopia. I expected him to, to be honest. It was also a fantastic learning experience for me, because I will NOT be sitting with him in the vehicle as he learns how to drive.

    I am also happy to report, that unlike our past visit, the standard issue ducks were no longer an attraction 🙂

    It made me really happy to witness S2 so in awe and being able to suspend disbelief the way only a small kiddo would. He waved at all the characters and in the games. G on the other hand knew “it wasn’t real!” and was happy to say so.

    G and S2 watched the Jedi training academy, only to walk away wanting to be Darth Vader. I would actually LOVE to see them get picked, only for when Darth Vader tempts the younglings to join his forces to have my two go “Ok!” How would that be for the show?

    We definitely tired these kids out though. S2 didn’t make it out of the park awake on our 3rd day. He was out for the night and down for the count. G snuggled up with his light scepter waiting on S to get back to the room with the adult dinner, and was also out for the rest of the night.

    So that was our trip, in short. I actually do have warm, fuzzy feelings thinking back on it, although on the first day there, this end result was questionable.

    Now onto the photos. And trust me, there are a LOT. Presented in more or less chronological order 🙂

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