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    Ding Dong Big Milk is gone!

    I’m not especially proud of this fact, but Dr. Brown’s bottles have been a staple in our home. For anyone visiting overnight, you’re might be familiar with the sight of a 3 or a 5 yr old sucking down 8 oz of milk via a  bottle. “Big Milk” is what they called it. Well, no more!!!

    I decided that our Disney trip and hotel room stay would be an opportunity to kick the bottle habit and gave it a try. I told the kids (a night before we left, as we were packing) that bottles wouldn’t be coming with us. They were confused, but accepting. The hard part was coming home. I hid them all away the night we returned, and the next morning peeled off the band-aid. It was rough! But it’s over.

    I can’t tell you why it’s been so hard to move on. G’s been especially attached, and S2 I think was more or less following his brother. G was the one that named the bottles “Big Milk”, and it was hard to re-brand, and explain to him that “Big kids” don’t drink “Big Milk”. Even though he’s in a taunting phase of calling everyone, or everything, a baby, he wasn’t willing to accept that only babies drank from those bottles.

    Warmed milk is still a staple in our home every morning, but now at least it’s from a sippy cup.

    So win for mommy. Finally!

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