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    Crane bribes

    I made a deal w/ G that if he was able to go 5 days without having an accident that I would get him a crane toy he’s been drooling over for months (before Christmas even, but we had already gotten him his Christmas gift, so we weren’t going to get him yet another thing). He talked me down to 3 days (side note: seriously, my pre-school has negotiating power???), but since 1) I’m clearly a softie; 2) I thought even making it 3 days was a stretch for a kid just starting out; I decided to consent.

    Well… it appears that waiting on toilet learning was a great move for us, because within a week of starting, G was not having any accidents. So by the end of day 2 I was seeing that reaching 3 days was imminent, so I placed his order. Since instant gratification shipping is not yet available, we had to wait on the post, which took another few days, but you know what? He stayed dry the whole time. By the time his crane arrived, G had easily gone 6 days no issues.

    Now I won’t tell you that there hasn’t been a slip here and there. There has. But it’s also something that couldn’t have been helped. Like one time we got there in time, he sat down, and proceeded to pee all over his undies, because he doesn’t want to hold himself while going. Apparently, as I am learning about male bathroom habits, peeing without applying a hand, is a little bit like turning a garden hose on high without providing direction (i.e. you get wet). One lesson learned the hard way. Check. There likely will be more incidents in our future too, so it will be a long while before I feel “safe” enough to not need to travel with a bag filled with extra clothes.

    But we are really proud of him, and best of all he is REALLY proud of himself. His teachers are very impressed with how easy this transition has been too. So it’s a crane well deserved. Here’s monkey-man opening his gift. It was better that Christmas (for me).


    2 responses to “Crane bribes”

    1. Sandy Tidy says:

      Yay for potty training, cool crane and what an adorable video!

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