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    7.5 years ago when S and I were assembling our nursery we went out and got a crib set from Babies R Us. Green and brown geometric patterns. Perfect! G slept in it. Then S2 did. The crib is long gone. The blankets, bumper, no longer have a home to stretch over. But the blanket is still used. Every day. It’s S2’s lovey! He calls it his “cozy blanket” (on account of the soft, plush underside) and won’t sleep without it. G never took to it, so I’m surprised and glad S2 did.
    He drags it around the house.

    He’ll be turning 5 in a few weeks. He feels so big, yet so little when he wraps himself in that blanket. It’s his first blanket layer, and his feet or head stick out. The time it covered his body fully it past gone. He’s only going to keep growing. I wonder sometimes, at what age he’ll stop asking for it, and he won’t care that it’s on his bed.

    As much as I want to part with the set, I can’t now, because S2 asks for his blanket every night, and knowing how attached he is to it, it’s here to stay in my memory bins forever.

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    1. Grammie says:

      His Daddy had a blanket too

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