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    Conversations with S2

    S2: Mommy, did you know that Santa doesn’t drive?
    Me: He doesn’t? What does he use?
    S2: A sleigh!
    Me: Hmn… So what does he do during the summer when there’s no snow
    S2: He runs
    Me: Really? How does he run all summer and is fat all winter?
    S2: I dunno. I dunno why he’s so fat!

    This was on our way to school the other day. Deep thoughts from the minds of (almost) 5 yr olds.

    One response to “Conversations with S2”

    1. Dad says:

      Ava, there is simple logical explanation why Santa is getting fat in the summer – he lives on the North Pole where there is ALWAYS snow, so he doesn’t need to run but slide all year long.

      You should not confuse S2 about the lack of snow on the North Pole, although the way things are going with the global warming, soon Santa indeed will have to buy a Hawaiian shirt and grill some fat out on the sunny Arctic beaches till they melt away.

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