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    Yesterday the boys were doing some art, and I asked G to draw me a picture of me. He turned around and gave me THIS!

    Isn’t it awesome?

    He kinda blew me away by drawing feet, and then hands. More so, he started drawing fingers. At first he drew 4 on one hand, but then as he drew the other hand, he stopped himself, counted how many fingers he had made and made sure each side counted 5. AND he gave me ears. I’m a proud lady here!

    S2 contributed to the drawing by coloring it in 🙂 G did the outline, S2 followed over with color… while his brother wasn’t looking. I want to be mad at the little dude for mucking with his brothers’ work, but it’s actually kinda neat to have this (unintentionally by G) “joint” piece of artwork.

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