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    Can I pee on the blue stuff?

    Our home has hard water.
    Our children also appear to be allergic to flushing the toilet.

    Together these things make for an uncomfortable looking bowl. Don’t worry — I clean, but as much as I stalk our sons following their bathroom visitation (and also heckle them when they leave “forgetting” to flush) I’m not batting 100%. So… I’ve embraced the help of toilet bowl cleaners. They’re the blue pellets you drop in the tank (I may revisit this decision when we run out).

    However the newly blue water is perplexing to S2. Now he doesn’t know what to do. Two out of our three toilets have the cleaning pucks, and he’s not sure if he’s allowed to go. Question he’s asked twice now: “Can I pee on the blue stuff?”

    Yep! Then flush, won’t ya?

    PS. Yes, I know we’re in a drought. Yep, I’ve heard the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” line. I am happy to modify our toilets to pull up less water. But I need the damn bowl flushed!!!

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