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    A perfect Saturday

    S2 and I went on a 7.5mi walk today. He watched the pad for half of it, walked .5mi along with me, and then chilled and tried to talk to me for the remainder.

    I did my gardening chores before we got out of the house.

    Hung out with a friend we hadn’t seen in years.

    Took a nap, with G snuggled up next to me (though he was watching Wild Kratts… or Wild Crabs as he calls it as silently as he could manage)

    S2 and I went to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman after I woke up.

    We ate popcorn and cream puffs for dinner. Totally unhealthy, and irresponsibly fun.

    I completed nothing from my week-end to-do list.

    It was perfect. And blissful. And I reveled in being gifted this day and these moments. I took pauses to say “Thanx!” for them.

    Oh, and my hair still looks awesome from my visit to the salon yesterday.

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