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    A case for building Lego

    S2 asked to build Lego tonight. Instead of watching TV. He asked me to build him an ambulance. I’ll admit: often the hour between dinner and bed-time, when the kids watch TV is catch-up time for me, so I don’t play as often as I should. But tonight I did, and I’m glad. It’s the little things that happen while we sit on the floor of his room. Though the majority of this Lego build-out is quiet, S2 drops in some events of his day. Kids he played with. What they did. Things he doesn’t volunteer to me otherwise. It’s actually kind of neat. Tonight I learned that he’s been working on sharing, and in the two week’s his been at his new pre-school he’s made two new friends. He still misses his friend, A, though, and thinks A is very strong when it comes to prying little Lego pieces apart.

    Maybe this is why play therapy works 🙂

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