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    23 months

    The above is the face I get when trying to take this guy’s sticker picture. He is not a happy clam with the scenery. So belligerence paired with “I just woke up” equals the face above. But I love him anyway, and will torment him one month more with this series 🙂 On that note…

    This is the last month we will have a one year old living in our home. I’m sad about this, because honestly, the one’s are so awesome. While I don’t have experience with the full range of all the age groups out there, I really enjoyed one. Kids are cute, haven’t figured out how to bend their knees when they run, they aren’t as lippy, and the tantrums for the most part are still “cute” 🙂

    This month has been tremendous in speech development. Holy cow. Not only new words, but phrases galore. It’s clearly the tubes, because it’s unbelievable the rate that we’re hearing and experiencing new things. Yes, there’s still a lot of kid gobbly-gook, but I feel like I can have a several phrase exchange with him. It’s pretty awesome! I filled out the MacArthur-Bates assessments for him pre-surgery (this was hard, since I did it the month AFTER he got the tubes in, but I had to remember what he could do only prior), and it’s surreal how much advancement he’s made already. Go kid!

    Weight: 28lb
    Height: 33.27″

    Number of teeth: 11. No change. Arg!

    Words & Phrases: 54+. I only wrote 10 this month. I can’t keep up

    • pumpkin
    • tickuh (stricker)
    • I wa choo-choo (I want to watch Thomas)
    • I wa mo ehmo (I want more Elmo) … Is it funny or sad that 2 of this months statements are around watching TV?
    • Tee (teeth)
    • Raj (garage)
    • Ooh-a dad do (where did dad go?)
    • Ticken (chicken)
    • Boon (balloon)
    • What doing? (what are you doing?)
    • buhgger (peanut-butter)

    Favorite food: peanut butter. This kid can’t get enough. I don’t understand.

    Favorite activity: whatever Daddy and G are doing… even if he’s not able to on his own yet

    Favorite toys: Thomas train engines

    My hopes for next month: Sleeping to 6:30 for little dude. Seriously, the 5:40am wake-ups are NOT my idea of a good time. I’m not even asking for 7 or 8. I just want 30 minutes to myself to get myself ready, before having to deal with the peanut. It’s much harder to get dressed while trying to keep a kid from running amok

    Potty-trained?: No. BUT… he’s been telling us when he’s gone poop, so I think he might be earlier to train than G. He even had an incident this month asking to go potty. Of course, trying to take off a diaper is MUCH more time-consuming than yanking down a pull-up or undies, so even if he did say something ahead of time, by the time we successfully sat him on the throne, I know I would have lost it in my pants too.

    Naughtiest moment of the month: Being a general bully to G, yanking away toys, pushing and hitting him out of no-where.

    Temper tantrum meter: Mild. Although he did kick me in the face yesterday during a diaper change, so I struggle to write this

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