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    We visited some friends a few weeks ago that showed G the game 20 questions. Now he’s all excited about it and wants to play it as one of our “driving home” car games. I’m good with playing games. It makes the car ride seem faster, and it keeps my children from picking on each other.

    Yet, playing 20 questions with a 4.5 yr old is not as straight forward as you might think. Why?

    1) he changes his mind (or doesn’t answer honestly), OR
    2) he has an overactive imagination, producing items there’s no way I can guess at.

    Let’s take an example, OK?

    Me: Is it smaller than my hand-bag?
    G: Yes
    Me: Is it made by people
    G: Yes
    Me: What color is it?
    G: Red!… and it has a hose (thanx for the extra hind, Kid!)

    (insert a whole slew of other questions I no longer remember here)

    Me: Ok, I give up. What is it?
    G: A Fire Station!!!
    Me: A Fire Station? How can it be a fire station? A fire station is NOT bigger than my hand-bag.
    G: Because it’s a toy Fire Station. That has a hose, and a wire that goes into the ground that pumps water.

    Yeah — there’s no winning at 20 questions here, unless you think as abstractly as a four year old 🙂

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