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    We’ve got house gremlins!

    Or more specifically, a cat. A cat that thinks 3-5am is play-time, and doesn’t for the life of her understand why you’re not up hanging out with her.

    Things I pried from Zoe’s paws over-night:

    – a container of powdered sun-screen- a blister of pro-biotic pills

    No bueno!!! I heard the popping of the blister pack and instantly jumped. S for the first time last night left out a pack of pro-biotics on the bathroom counter, and she took instant advantage. She didn’t get to them to eat them, but her nails had pierced through the blisters.

    Things that I found missing things morning:

    – my headband
    – one of my socks

    Luckily, both were found canoodling on our bed, tucked in between the blankets.

    At this point I can never assume that things were where I left them/saw them last. She’s strong! I’ve seen her drag a big ole bath towel from the bathroom, through the bedroom, onto the bed. She’s also an excellent soccer player, and those paws can kick small items into deep, dark, foreign places.

    I don’t even know how to begin cat-proofing for this one!

    (where’s the kitty?)

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