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    Flathead no more

    I figured no one would care for continuous daily crib sleep updates.

    In short, it’s been good and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised how quickly S2’s acclimated to it.
    I do have to make a journey out to him twice a night on average. S takes a non-feeding shift too, but it hasn’t been bad. If S2 does make his way back in the room with us it’s close to 5am, and the past two nights he hasn’t needed to because his second ‘mommy’ call has been around 7 which is a respectable time to get up for the day, anyway.

    One very exciting side effect is how quickly his head is re-shaping. Within a week, even a big part of the back flat spot started going away. It’s not back to perfect by any means, but I’m hopeful that by the time we see Dr. M for S2’s 4 month check-up there will be even more progress. I still ocassionally use the swing during the day for a nap here or there, but am really making an effort to have him sleep more in his bed.

    At daycare they still use the swing for him a lot. Mostly because he sleeps terribly otherwise. My theory on that one, though, is that they don’t swadle for naps, and the only way he’ll sleep recumbent is if he’s wearing his straight jacket.

    The one thing I wasn’t prepared for with the move to the nursery, is how empty our bedroom feels (to me) when he’s not here. It’s pretty amazing how much a 2-foot tall person can make a space feel whole, and if you’ve ever seen our monstrous-sized bedroom you know that’s saying a lot.

    I miss him but this transition was clearly needed. And I love waking up to him cooing to his mobile 🙂

    So yah, good bye flat-head condition. I won’t be missing you!

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