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    Cat vs. Kid

    I haven’t written yet about Neko’s response to G.

    Let’s put it this way: Neko spends most of his day in the farthest corner of the house from G. It’s not just the crying baby that gets him: I genuinely think Neko is afraid of G. Yep, my 17lb, twice-the-size-of-the-baby Maine Coon is afraid of G!

    Where Neko used to come into the nursery before G was born, he is now intimidated by that room. It took him a long while to even enter and when he does it’s barely past the door, hunched down. He makes a run for it as soon as you gesture him to come in. When I pick him up and carry him over to the baby he pushes back and can’t wait to get away. He also gives us these looks: ones that seem to say “The new toy you brought home seems to be broken. You taking it back?”

    On the bonus side, I guess my dad would be pleased: he was ready to buy us a tent for the crib so that Neko won’t jump in there. Even before G Neko would never get in the crib. Hide under it? Sure (and swat for strangers’ legs), but never in it. Now I think Neko first needs to get in the room before he even considers getting in the crib. I think we’re safe for a long while 🙂

    G on the other hand is completely ignorant of Neko’s existence. This doesn’t surprise me for the time being, but I do wonder when he’ll realize he’s a “little brother”.

    I’m looking forward to them playing with each other though. Even if all that means is Neko tolerating G as G tries to suck on his tail… or ride him.

    One response to “Cat vs. Kid”

    1. EmWed says:

      LOL, love it! Poor Neko. I hope he gets over it soon.

      It’ll be interesting to see how our cat reacts to a baby. He’s pretty much deaf (the cat, that is), so the crying may not be a problem…

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