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    We’ve been fired by our infertility clinic!

    For every step forward it feels like we’ve been taking two steps back. We’re so far back, in fact, that we’re now at the beginning.

    We spoke with FPNC’s contract negotiator today. She, as the one fully knowledgeable of what has been agreed with our insurance carrier, had the final say of valid information. During this conversation we confirmed the worst case scenario: the clinic’s major procedures are out of network for us, they will not be certified, and the clinic has no plan in the near term to seek coverage for their lab and surgical room facilities through any insurance carrier.

    Then they proceeded to tell us that one of their former physicians is now working with Stanford Fertility Center, and they would like to recommend that we work with them and that they would be happy to transfer our records and initiate our appointments with them. We didn’t ask for this – they asked us to do this… in effect firing us as their patients.

    The part that sucks is that we LOVE our doctor. She has been simply wonderful and I dread having to start the process over with the unknown of another physician. It’s hard to find someone that you ‘click with’ the way we did with her. We have not concretely ended our relationship with FPNC, but we’ve had to put an immediate halt on all procedures with them. For all I know, we could end up in the same scenario with Stanford. Given, however, the money involved it is worthwhile to at least investigate that option.

    Since then I’ve called the cycle scheduling admin and had to cancel my upcoming SHG test as well as the injection training. I figured that the clinic that would be performing the IVF treatment should be the one conducting this test.
    We also had a good chat with our physician as well. We explained the situation, she was very sympathetic and she’ll look into this whole situation on her end as well (esp. the part where the contract negotiators are encouraging her patients to leave the practice).

    So that’s where we are: back to the beginning. We thankfully at least know what our diagnosis is, and what the methods of treatment are. Otherwise everything gets asked all over again: What are all the procedures that we’ll undergo? Who will be billed for each procedure and why? Is each facility performing each procedure in network with our insurance company?

    I’m remarkably at peace with all this: maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet.

    Meanwhile I’m going to remain on the pill. I figure at least this way we’re in a little more control over my cycles and can decide when to start a procedure, than just waiting for nature and having a bunch more rushed conversations.

    A few good things have come out of this: for one, I can continue working with my personal trainer. I’ve been on a good track so far: I’ve lost 5 lbs, two inches off my waistline and an inch from each of my thighs. I can keep at it: being healthier will only bring on a healthier pregnancy (I hope). For another, we’ve had a remarkable outcry of support from friends and family. One of HIS friends works with Aetna and has been so generous in donating his time in helping us get us answers from the inside. All of our friends/family have extended us many shoulders to lean on. I’m also learning a great deal from the many experiences from other families in similar situations on the Nest.com. It’s truly an online support group.
    I feel very fortunate to have all these in my life right now.

    Our first appointment with Stanford is Nov. 9th. That’s two weeks away. See you then!

    3 responses to “We’ve been fired by our infertility clinic!”

    1. Evonne says:

      I hope your appointment with Stanford this Friday goes well.

    2. Aimee says:

      Just noticed the links to your blog! I hope you have a good appt. w/Stanford tomorrow. We had a really good experience with them and were able to get a lot more coverage than we thought out of the $2500 available through our insurance coverage. I don’t think the doctor we used is at Stanford anymore, but we met with several doctors there and really liked the doctor who did our IVF consult, which would have been our next step.

    3. Stefano says:

      Keep on truckin’ Ava! You guys are inspiring 🙂 -stef

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