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    Yes, I have granny-panties on my baby registry. What of it?

    Why yes, I am aware of the Emily Post 2nd-child-baby-shower-is-a-no-no etiquette. However, nowhere does it say that you shouldn’t try and save money when you’re acquiring essentials beyond your first-born. And you know what? Some of the big name stores send you completion coupons for items not purchased off your baby registry. It’s no free shopping spree, but enough to convince me to register. Hey, if I’m going to buy a second humidifier anyway, why not save 10% off of it?

    I found it amusing how different this registry was over G’s. G had all the cutesy baby items: rattles, blankets, clothes. S2 on the other hand? Bottle nipples, space heater, baby drugs, and underpants. Yes, you got that right: undies. For ME. Plain, comfy, and cheap. Knowing that I’m about to get 9 months of my period in a row, I wanna live in something that I won’t regret ruining¬† and will easily fit the you-can-suck-the-Nile-dry absorption-grade pads I have to wear.

    I had to call the store the other week to follow-up on my missing completion coupon, and the guy on the other side had to access my registry to see what was going on. I wonder if he was perplexed over why our baby picks resembled the shopping list of an undergrad college student vs. that of a giddy expecting mom. But you know what? Once you’ve been through it before, and you know what you really need, you don’t judge.

    And yes,  I am giddy over the thought of new Hanes hipsters.

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