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    Now you can purchase a used Lufthansa seat of your very own!
    My question: Why? What in the world would you do with it? It’s not like it’s the most comfortable seating in the house.

    Here are some thoughts though.

    • Perhaps going forward, while booking with Lufthansa, if you own one you can get a discount on your fare.
    • Persons of “large” size, if asked to purchase an additional seat, can use your own.
    • Facing said seat about a foot away from the closest wall of your home and sitting in it for 8+ hours is a good way to practice for a coast-to-coast or over-seas flight. For an extra authentic experience invite a rowdy neighborhood child to kick you in the back and scream as often as possible. Extra points if you get one that purposefully doesn’t recline.
    • For a way to make some extra cash, take last example, refer to it as a “ride” and charge an admission fee. (Actually, no joke, there are “flights” now that do just this – they never leave the ground, but let you hang out in an airplane seat for a while)

    I’m now running out of material, but please… feel free to add your own.

    2 responses to “Why?”

    1. Jamers125 says:

      You could incorporate the last two examples into some sort of therapy for those who are afraid to fly. Think of how much more therapists and pyschiatrists could charge if they had actual airline seats instead of just hypnosis and other means on which to rely! ;o)

    2. Evonne says:

      OK, here is another thought…

      If and when you are too busy with the baby and don’t have time to travel for a while, you can put your said seat a foot away from the closest wall and right by a window… so you can pretend that you are on your way to a fabulous vacation!

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