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    Why? Evolved

    Apparently as kids get older, their “Why?” questions become more mature too. Poor S was subjected to the following interrogation this evening.

    Let me preface this exchange with the fact that G is really into cranes. Every night he asks us to let him browse crane toys on Amazon (we turned off one-click ordering, don’t worry). Last night S had the brilliant idea of looking for YouTube clips of cranes in action.

    G’s in heaven.

    S, on the other hand is regretting that decision. Let me tell you why…

    One of the clips was of a crane flipping upside down into a ditch. Ensue hilarity below. (My tummy hurts from laughing through this all)

    G: Who knocked it over?
    S: I don’t know!
    G: Who knocked it over?
    S: I don’t know!
    S: Bob!
    G: Bob?
    S: Bob.
    G: Bob the builder?
    S: No, a different guy. Bob the knock-over guy
    G: Why he knock it over?

    Ok, maybe it’s not all that funny to you. But it was awesome!

    One response to “Why? Evolved”

    1. Oh, no- it’s funny to me. Bob the builder?? No, Bob the knock-over guy.

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