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    Sand: B+; Ocean: D-

    We took G to the beach for the very first time this past Wednesday.

    Given his ultra-pale skin tone (that one’s my fault), after half an hour of slathering him up with a generous layer of SPF50, we stripped our little man down and headed to the VA Beach shore.

    It was an interesting experience.

    Let’s start with Sand. I’m coming to the realization that G is a pretty cautious kid. It’s obviously a trait he picks up from S because I’m not defined by patience, self-control or caution. He spent awhile staring at the sand, even while seated on it. Even while I poured some over his legs. He took his time with it, but once he figured it out, he was enjoying letting it pour out of his hand.

    Water on the other hand wasn’t a winner. I don’t know if it’s because he’s spoiled with the 90+ degree baths and swimming pool, while the ocean was cold; or the waves, but he wasn’t a fan. He flat out refused to put his feet in the water, so I had to result to trickery — putting him off to the shore waiting for the water to come in. The result? Well, see for yourself:

    One displeased baby.

    Overall rating? Sand: B+; Water: D-. I guess we’ll be sticking to the pool for awhile.

    Here are some pics of the day though.

    “You put me in the noisy, cold water!”

    Dads and kiddos (Note: G’s still mad)

    Getting a hug from E

    One tired baby

    “Not the water again!”

    “They call me G…”

    “…G5, that is!”

    Is he the cutest thing that side of VA Beach, or what?

    “All this sand, for me?”

    The end

    2 responses to “Sand: B+; Ocean: D-”

    1. Rebecca says:

      great photos!

    2. Kirsten says:

      Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

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