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    Remembering my grandfather

    It was my turn to put G down to bed last night. As G asked to snuggle, I told him how I used to snuggle with my grandpa (my mom’s dad) when I’d visit over the summer. Occasionally summer nights will be chilly so to stay warm my grandpa would turn his back to me, and I would press my back to to his broad shoulders. He’d be so warm, and his large back was my insta-oven. If my feet were extra cold (I have ridiculously frigid extremities), he would warm my footsies in between his knees.

    G and I tried it after I told him about it. It wasn’t quite as perfect as I remember it being w/ my grand-pa, but we’ll get it over time. I have big shoulders to live up to.

    I miss you, Diado!

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