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    Pssssst. I’m not 30 today!

    Today is my birthday. I’m turning not 30!
    I’m not trying to be facetious, I’m really not 30…. yet. I won’t be able to say this for too long, so I’m enjoying what I’ve got left.

    When I turned 20, it was a big deal (to me). I looked at the decade ahead and thought “In the next 10 years I will graduate college, begin working, most likely get married, and maybe even have a child.” So here I am, looking back on that thought, going “Holy cow these last 10 years went by fast!”

    I remember when my mom turned 30. Although I was very young, I have memories of it: it was very low key, and I remember thinking then that being an adult was no fun: you didn’t get any birthday parties, there was no cake in sight, and you certainly didn’t get any fun toys… or at least anything that I would consider fun at the time.

    And now I get it. I’ve spent all week-end with my family and it’s been a fantastic time. I’ve eaten food I haven’t had in a long time, I’ve been spoiled rotten by my mom and I’ve done little beyond being a couch potato. It’s been heaven! And at the off question of “What would you like for your birthday?” I’ve been very content to say that I have everything I could ask for right now. The only thing that I wish for is a healthy child growing inside me. That is all! (Although, with that said I did get some awesome loot today too ;p)

    This will also be my last birthday without being a mommy. It’s a little strange to think so. At my next birthday S will be trying to keep 2 sets of hands away from frosting: mine and our child’s.

    “Not 30″ frosting

    Aaaaah, I pity the man!

    10 responses to “Pssssst. I’m not 30 today!”

    1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear sweet Ava! Happy birthday to you!
      ((((sung very off tune)))

    2. Hannah says:

      Haha! That’s what I told myself when I turned 29 😉 Last yr. It goes so fast! Happy birthday girl!!! I’m glad you’ve had such a good day!

    3. Leona says:


      The cake looks yummy!! What kind of cake is it.

      I wish I was 30 again!!

      Great to hear you had a great day.

    4. avalikelava says:

      It was a mocha cream cake. Yum!

    5. EmWed says:

      Happy birthday! I found that when I turned 29 I started to stress a little about turning 30… but by the time I actually did, I was over it. I’d already processed all the angst. 😉

      Sounds like it was great!

    6. alibee says:

      Happy birthday! 😀

      Man, I’m old 😉

    7. bothscorpios says:

      Happy Birthday!! ~Katie

    8. Adrienne says:

      happy Ava day to you! I had no idea you are a February girl too? (I am 2/22).
      The time does fly doesn’t it? 30 was hard for me, 31 was a walk in the park. But I swear I have done my darndest to just ignore this one coming up… sigh.
      Anyway, wishing you all the best and hope your cake was phenomenal!!
      Happy Day!

    9. Evonne says:

      Sorry I am one day late. Happy Belated Birthday! You are gonna love being in your 30’s! Things will just get better and better!

    10. Alison (MyABCLife) says:

      Awww… what a sweet poast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a beautiful cake!

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