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    One expensive vacation

    The cost of our most recent vacation just took a drastic (and unpredicted) increase.

    We came home to one pissed off kitty. Pun is intended. You see, he decided that to show us how mad he was about being left behind and peed all . over . the . house. I mean ALL over the house. I have images of him prancing through the hallways weeing all the way home. This is something he has never done before, so obviously we’re concerned.

    We spent the afternoon cleaning up. I called the vet and made an appointment for Neko, just in case there might be something more beyond a  kitty protest.  S meanwhile called the professional cleaners to come in and take a pass of our floors. They come in on Saturday.

    Needless to say, I’ll be giving Neko lots of cuddles tonight.

    Meanwhile, let’s count:

    3 plane tickets +
    vacation incidentals +
    Neko sitter +
    Neko vet appointment +
    carpet cleaners =
    one expensive vacation

    I’m starting to think it’s too expensive to go away 🙁  But I’m sure we’ll get over it after we get through the next round off picture edits and see the fun we had.

    4 responses to “One expensive vacation”

    1. Will Hutchinson says:

      One of my parents’ cats does this. One of the cats is kind of more my dad’s cat, and the other one is more my mom’s. When my dad goes out of town, his one gets defensive about now being out-numbered in the house and proceeds to start marking territory. Wish I could tell you some great solution that has worked, but apparently this is up there among the worst unsolved problems of cat ownership. 🙁 My parents have just had to resort to having towels laid out protecting every conceivable place he’s marked at one time or another, and my mom just has to be incredibly vigilant when my dad goes on trips now.

    2. Katie says:

      Oh, NO! That’s my worst nightmare. Hope the cleaners do their magic.

    3. Rebecca says:

      do they not have kennels for cats like they do for dogs?

    4. Grammie says:

      I am so sorry you arrived home to that. We really enjoyed your visit and we have all had G withdrawals today. And of course we miss you and S too. Come back anytime.
      Love you all

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