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    Oh go fly a kite!

    A week ago I bought kites for the boys. It’s been something I’ve had on my shopping list for awhile, and I procrastinated long enough that I literally bought the very last two Bed Bath & Beyond had in stock. S and I spent all week-end (plus a bit into this week) building a fortress around our veggie garden: it had fallen pray to what I’m assuming is either an adorable bunny or a wily squirrel. So there was no kiting for us. So last night, with no particular desire to eat at home I had an idea: let’s do our daycare pick-up, go to McD’s for some chicken nuggets (no I’m not winning an award for nutritious dinner here), have a picnic dinner and then fly our kites. G was totally down for it – it was a surprise at him at pick-up.

    Even I got to fly a kite: something I had never done before. Woo hoo. Clearly there’s no way to navigate the ones we had, but it was fun anyway.

    G and S2 got tired of the kites quickly, and spent a good portion of our evening just climbing the play-structure on the far end of the grounds. G otherwise is now permanently attached to kite string. That boy: he and strings — he must have been a cat in a past life or something.

    Who rules?

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