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    Movie Monday: … went down the hill

    There are certain kid-things that I am slowly making my way to. For example: first time I had rice crispy treat? College! (Same goes for onion rings and mozzarella sticks). Today I realized I have never rolled down a grassy hill. Something I remedied… and S captured to commemorate.

    We had a really fun lunch today: we had a picnic of McD’s chicken nuggets (I said fun, not nutritious) , played on the crazy playground and took a long walk/bike ride to hopefully induce a good nap-time. While eating I saw a couple of kids just roll themselves down one of the hills at the park, and I realized I’d never done it. On the way back to the car, I convinced G to try it.

    I asked S if there were any special instructions I needed to know. His response? “You’ll figure it out”. It was definitely fun, but Man, does it make you dizzy. Here’s me, and G playing Jack to my Jill. Thankfully no crowns were broken ;p



    2 responses to “Movie Monday: … went down the hill”

    1. Litsea says:

      This looks like fun – what about dizziness? Isn’t there this stupid adult-diziness that automatically kicks in once you turn 18? I think I couldn’t stand up straight after that – but kids always can! Your videos are really wonderful and make me want to start a family of my own soon 🙂

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