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    Movie Monday (uhmn… he walks!)

    Ok, I take it back. My kid is now officially cruising AND taking his first supported steps. This morning… nada. Then we went to a playdate where G’s friend M was running circles around G. I should mention that M is but a week or two older than G. I guess G was feeling a bit behind, because when we got home he decided to try out some of M’s moves. Thanx M!

    I stood there with my jaw agape with my hands over my mouth (tearing up mind you) as I watched my munchkin push and step with his car. Then it hit me “Camera’s right there, Record! Record! Record!” So here are a few precious moments of G walking.


    PS. Don’t you dig his new shoes? They’re on sale at Amazon right now!

    3 responses to “Movie Monday (uhmn… he walks!)”

    1. Grammie says:

      If only we had stayed two weeks I could be seeing this live.

    2. Ariel says:

      OMG, Ava you have a WALKER!!!!! Congrats little G!

    3. becoming-mom says:

      Yay G! It will be mere days before you are running around..

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