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    Movie Monday

    Also known as “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

    S2 has gotten into the habit of getting onto the couch, by flipping onto it via the little IKEA kid’s armchair. And then, of course, run the track of the couch, invariably tripping and then hitting his head on the table. Watching over him, makes you wish they made helmets small enough for his dang head. So… today, I realized that while I like our coffee table, we don’t use it as a coffee table anymore. We don’t put things on it, since it immediately gets used for tossing practice (thanx, G!) or taken off to some hidden toddler-treasure spot (i.e. black whole). We don’t eat on it, because the last thing I want is a pre-schooler that wants to eat in the living room and yogurt flying onto my carpet. SO really, it’s used as 1) extra seating; 2) injury magnet.

    So today, I just decided to move the table out of the way, and since I can’t keep the boys off the couch, maybe I can keep the couch away from where their heads land. It’s now off to the side of the couch. Where it was instantly used as a launching pad…


    One response to “Movie Monday”

    1. Mrs. Ziggy says:

      Super cute! Our couch has also been totally co-opted by the boys with tons of jumping off the arms, building forts and my all time fav…….turning it into “school” where Andrew uses the inner back as the blackboard and teaches the rest of us our letters.

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