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    Movie Monday

    We’re starting a new family tradition: Pasta Pamadoro on Tuesdays after swim class for the boys. S2 is discovering many uses for crayons. Here’s one: as an utensil. (Killing the sound on this video is actually preferred: there’s no audio of interest and far too much restaurant noise. So if you’re on mute, good — keep it that way)


    5 responses to “Movie Monday”

    1. KirstenPfleger says:

      I love it. That is some amazing fine motor control!

    2. Wendy says:

      So adorable! I love seeing your posts! I have to share this one though. Lots of hugs to you and the family.

    3. Marianne says:

      I love this video so very much. It makes me hope that Haley will eat from a crayon when she is S2’s age!

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