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    I’d like 2 Million dollars. Thanx!

    Have you ever asked yourself how much money would make you happy and set you up for life? I have. And I’ve settled on 2M. Post tax, that is (so fine, call it 4M pre-tax).

    Here’s what I’m thinking:

    • With the first million we can pay off our house and I can also buy a home for my parents, and S’ parents. In reality, I wouldn’t really pay it off the bat. I’d set-up accounts to automatically pay every month, so that you could still get the tax break.
    • I’d take 1/4 of the remaining million and invest it for college education funds for the boys.
    • The other $750K I would invest for our own retirement.

    I would still work, but work for non-profits or charitable organizations, that can make a difference. Then I wouldn’t feel like I have to be earning a specific figure to take care of the house over heads & college tuition bit. I’d travel more. Visit family more often. Take the boys to South America, Asia, wherever and learn about history up-close.

    That’s not impossible to ask for, right?

    So… who wants to give me the money?

    5 responses to “I’d like 2 Million dollars. Thanx!”

    1. Ariel says:

      Maybe you should ask Oprah?

    2. patty says:

      Oh yes. I know just what you mean. I’d love to buy a home with no payments, have money to travel, and get to work without feeling like it was all for naught. Ah, dreams are nice.

    3. Courtenay says:

      Um, okay … I want that too.

    4. polina says:

      Well there’s always mega millions and super lotto hahaha

      I know you have a better chance at getting struck by lighting.. but hey you never know… XP

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