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    I want my kitty back :(

    Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I’ve never been this emotional about leaving my cat at the vet.

    Neko’s getting a few teeth pulled today. Maine Coons are genetically predisposed to bad gums, and two of his teeth have to go. We took him in this morning and are waiting for the call to pick him up. Here I am imagining him in a cage, curled up into an orange ball, shedding up a storm… hungry.

    This morning was heart-breaking not being able to feed him, but because he’ll be anesthetized he’s been on a liquid diet since last night. He was asking for his breakfast as early as 6:30 and just kept giving us this confused look over why we’d be circling his bowl all morning yet it would stay empty. He’d also go look at his bowl every 10 minutes just to check if food magically appeared.

    Coming back home afterwards was also eerie. We’d normally open the door and he’d either be by it, on the stairs or by the bedroom doors. Every time we’d walk in he’d at least chirp. And this morning it was quiet. I don’t like it!

    I know the procedure was a must, but I want my kitty home already!!!!

    Update:  Neko is now home. My poor kid didn’t go into surgery until 3:30 and he spent all day with no food 🙁 The clinic wanted to keep him overnight since he was the last one to get anesthesia. It may have been selfish of me, but I said “No!” There’s no way he would be better in a cage in a strange place overnight vs. being at home with us. We picked him up right before closing and brought him home. He’s been quiet, but alert and his appetite is slowly coming back.

    Now G has to cooperate and hang in there for another day or two while his cat-brother fully recovers. So not digging the idea of Neki being on his own and someone else having to give him his meds… ha! as if Mr. Hissypants would ever allow for that one.

    3 responses to “I want my kitty back :(”

    1. alison! says:

      I had the same issue when I took the pups to the groomers over the weekend. Man, that sucked.

    2. EmWed says:

      Lots of healthy kitty dust! I hear ya; I hate leaving my cat at the vet.

    3. Patty says:

      Aw, he is so handsome!

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