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    Does this pregnancy make my butt look big?

    I was in the gym today working out with my personal trainer, wearing my reasonably tight sweats. At the very end as we were doing some stretches I saw myself in a lunge position. I’d like to think it was just the angle of my body, but MAN did my rear look big!!!! Now… my trainer on the other hand is a little twig of a thing — almost impossible to imagine she has two kids of her own. Maybe it was just the jarring comparison between us two. Or maybe I just need to think that for awhile to make myself feel better 🙂

    3 responses to “Does this pregnancy make my butt look big?”

    1. I am sure you look just fine. So where is the belly pic?

    2. Rebecca says:

      Okay, so since I haven’t seen you in person, I can’t answer that dangerous question..

      I can say that in both of my pregnancies my pants were noticibly tighter on my butt and thighs by the time I was 1 month pregnant… and of course it just got worse as things went on.. my theory is that it’s my body’s way of trying to move my center of gravity closer to where it belongs 😉

    3. EmWed says:

      I’ve noticed that in myself as well. My theory is that the butt just sticks out farther to counterbalance the belly- it’s not actually *bigger*. 😉

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