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    6 pounds is not the same as 6 kilos

    Yes, you know this and I know this… but apparently my freak-out mind didn’t really catch on.

    Let me explain.
    Following Neko’s heart shenanigan’s I’ve been keeping a close eye on his food intake, and out-take (if you know what I mean). I’m also trying to weigh him about 1-2 a month. A few weeks ago, I had noticed that Neko was coming in at about 13.5lbs. This was a drop in weight since the 15lb he weighed when we took him in for his first bout of pulmonary edema. He went up to 14lb a few days later, and I’ve been trying not to obsess about it since.

    … until S mentioned that Neko felt a little light to him.

    So there that evening I went to weigh him on our baby scale, and walked out with my face pale after I saw 6.00 come up even on the digital display. I called the clinic and emailed his vet. His appointment is set for this morning.

    And yet tonight, I had a crazy feeling that I needed to re-weigh him. I knew my scale wasn’t “off” from a calibration perspective, but I had a nagging suspicion that 2 toddler-sizes pair of hands may or may not have been playing with my weight apparatus when I wasn’t looking. Sure enough, some 10 fingers (I haven’t dusted for prints) had set my scale to KG. Since I always expect it to be set to LB I didn’t even think twice… especially when a second observer was noting how light our kitty felt.

    I re-weighed him immediately. Current weight is 13lb 10oz. Still light and not regaining his weight.

    So yeah, I wrote our vet back admitting my mistake (and feeling like an idiot, mind you). I’m not cancelling the appointment tomorrow though. He’s not gaining his weight back, and that still worries me. But on the bonus side, I don’t feel that Neko’s playing kitty poker with the grim reaper anymore.

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