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    20 months

    Boy does this little monkey love books! One of the sweetest moments I have with him is while he’s playing, digging out a book from his toy chest, running over to me, and backing up his bootie, dump truck style, so that he can sit on my lap and flip pages while I read. He doesn’t care that the pages come sequentially, since he sometimes fat fingers multiple pages at a time and goes backward as well as forward. His favorites are the flappy barn book, Big Red Barn (clearly he has a thing for barns), and Bear Snores on. If at least one of the latter two are not part of his bed-time regimen he rejects bed-time. At least with me.

    As much as he’s a bookworm, he cares not for TV. I find this amusing given how much his brother LOVES it. On the whole it’s a good thing, since developmentally screen-time exposure is not recommended for young children. But trust me, there are times I need him to stay in one spot, mesmerized while I attend to some chore for 10 minutes, child free. While S2 is great at playing by himself, he is almost guaranteed to find the one thing in the room he shouldn’t be playing with.

    Daddy made some improvements to our child proofing setup. This little monkey gets into places we haven’t had to worry about: the spice cabinet, the pantry… he’s now working on te medicine cabinet which will also shortly be receiving a lock of some kind since I know he likes his infant Tylenol a bit too much 🙂

    Weight: 26lb even
    Height: 31.5″ (standing)

    Favorite food: hard to tell, to be honest. He’s been really picky lately

    Favorite toy: water. If I’m not careful, I find him in the bathroom trying to get as many surfaces (including himself) drenched. His favorite is to push his hand all the way up to the faucet and turn the water on. Instant water dispersal, and minutes of cleanup “fun” for mom.

    Favorite activity: swimming

    New accomplishment: dragging objects (like chairs) around to get extra height

    Number of teeth: 11, no change this month, but we think more are on their way

    Number of words: 26 Added:

    • duck-a (duck. Also used to say “stuck”)
    • dada
    • da dow (down)
    • all-da (all done)
    • opa puhs (open please)
    • rd boo-h (read book)
    • Maks (his buddy Max)

    Naughtiest moment: see water incident above

    Sweetest moment: collapsing into my shoulder when he gives me a true hug

    Temper tantrum meter: moderate, especially now that more teeth are on their way

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