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    Party, party!

    G’s birthday party was a lot of fun! I’m thankful that so many of our friends and family joined us to wish him a Happy 1st.

    Someone must have snuck behind my back and told G about being “fashionably late”. The day of his birthday, G took one of the longest naps he’s ever done. His went down at 8:30 and woke up at 11. His party? Yeah, that started at 10:30. I agonized over when to start it. His morning naps typically started no later than 8 and at best went 2 hours long, so I figured he might be a “little” late to his own party. Not an hour late ;p Still, I am grateful that everyone was so patient!

    In honor of G’s first Big Boy food being Greek, we had lunch catered by a very tasty Mediterranean restaurant. I made tasty sugar-free muffins for the wee-ones whose parents didn’t want a sugar-high, and they turned out very well. (I used this First Birthday Cake recipe, btw). The sugar fiends of us, meanwhile enjoyed monstrous cupcakes from Costco (have you seen these things? Each is the size of a child’s smash cake!)

    G was a very big boy and didn’t cry while we all sang him Happy Birthday. I on the other hand, did! Can’t explain it. Maybe it’s because my little dude is growing up? Who knows, but I’ll just say I was glad I wore sun-glasses that day.

    I didn’t get to take many photos. Actually I didn’t get to take ANY photos. It’s ironic, because leading up to the day I had nightmares about my camera not working, being stolen, so on and so forth. And yet that day, I took no pictures. Thankfully S did. I’m also shamelessly stealing some from other friends and family that also did.


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    2 responses to “Party, party!”

    1. Ariel says:

      I am so glad S got some of the favors and such because I forgot to capture those. We had a great time BTW, thank you for having us.

    2. Kirsten says:

      Yea! Happy Birthday to G

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