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    Life Lessons from Sesame Street

    March 17th, 2010

    This post is rated PG-13. Parental supervision is advised.

    Last night we all watched the Camping Show episode of Sesame Street. In this episode (for those of you who haven’t seen it), Elmo and Chris go camping. As they sit down for dinner, they’re interrupted by a beaver. Elmo invites the beaver over for dinner. Chris protests a bit, but after awhile consents and goes foraging for food with Mr. Beaver. Then they all return to the camp site and Chris talks about what he did. It’s at this point that S blurts out “Don’t worry Buddy, you’ll be doing things for Beaver for the rest of your life.”

    Yeah, you can close your jaw now too. I’ll give you a minute.

    Couch potato in training

    November 18th, 2008

    G likes to watch TV!

    Yes, this is a little embarrassing to admit of my 2.5 month old, but the colorful images coming from our big ole’ TV just mesmerize him.

    His favorite channel? The Food network. At least there’s some “education” coming out of that one, but I can see it now: next year G will be sitting on the couch, Al Bundy style, with a big bag of Cherios in hand.

    He likes to be held by one of us, while sitting and bouncing on the exercise ball, facing the TV. At least one of us is kinda getting some exercise ;p

    Hmn … I wonder how he’d like going to the movies?