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    You can’t keep a toddler down

    December 14th, 2010

    When we moved G into his big boy room and his big boy bed, we put a gate on his door. We kid-proofed his room, but there was still lots we didn’t want him to have free roam of when we couldn’t pay attention (say at 3am in the morning while we’re sleeping).

    And the gate had worked out great… until last week. Last week, you see, G discovered the foot-stool to the rocker in his room. To be more specific, he discovered that the stool 1) could be easily moved around, and 2) was light enough for HIM to move it around. He first tested this by turning on the lights in his room on off. It was only half a day later, when in the middle of nap-time, as I said on my bed, I heard the pitter-patter of toddler paws. They were accompanied by G’s grinning face, who was beaming at his accomplishment of getting out. What he had done was bring the foot stool up to the gate; climbed on the stool and then jumped over the gate.

    So there went our toddler jail. For now we just removed the foot stool, but I know that him dragging the rocker itself is only days away. At this rate, we’re investigating just moving the gate to the bathroom door, where he can cause the most havoc and just call him the victor of the confinement battle.

    I’m also learning that in addition to watching my language, I have to stop doing things I don’t want him to repeat. He is the epitome of Monkey-see-Monkey-do. The other night, I used a chair from the dining room to reach a Tupperware container from our cabinets. Yeah, yeah, I’m short. Whatever. I did this out of pure laziness to go and hunt down a ladder. G saw this, however, and guess how he gets in his seat for dinner now? That’s right: he brings a chair from his toddler activity table. I get bad mommy points. 100%.

    This child amazes me every day in how his mind works.