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    Movie Monday (Aka Brush’em, Brush’em, Brush’em)

    February 1st, 2010

    AKA Miracle of Miracles!!! This is G brushing his teeth. Miraculous for two reasons:

    1. he’s doing it himself (well… sorta)
    2. he’s tolerating a toothbrush in his mouth!!!

    Yeah, this is the child that just spit out any toothbrush offered to him. And yet, here we are with him thinking this is fun. I actually give full credit to my new dentist for this. At my last appointment she gave me an electric toothbrush for the munchkin. Shaped like a fire-truck, thank you very much. So G out of curiosity let it in… and he let it stay. Now we tag team brushing teeth. I go in first w/ the firetruck, and he follows up with his little brush.

    The other day when S and G went up to G’s room for a didy change, they were upstairs for awhile. When I asked what happened, S told me they had to take a detour to the bathroom because G wanted to brush his teeth!

    Ok, ok, in reality he just likes to suck the water of the bristles, but there is some contact with his teeth and it’s a good first step.

    Thank you new DDS!


    More teeth

    July 5th, 2009

    G has sprouted two more teeth over the last few days. We now have all incisors in place. He’s pretty shy about his mouth and really doesn’t like me sticking my fingers in there. Therefore photos are a ways away, so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.

    His top lateral incisors are also doing the puffy thing on the gum-line, so there’s a change in a few weeks we might have those poking out as well.

    Although I’m glad he’s handling all this teeth baking so well, I’m approaching each feeding session with trepidation. He’s known to chomp, which was unpleasant with just 2 bottom teeth. Additionally, in moments of distraction he twists his head to the side, but forgets to let go. All this equals “Ow!”. Now with two matching top teeth I’m, honestly, a little scared of him.

    With his new-found chompers, G is now enjoying cheese, cut into little bits. He’s also tasted watermelon, pita bread, and umn… gyro meat. Yeah, I went a little lax the other day and decided to share my lunch with him. He enjoyed it! Down to the Avgolemano soup. That’s right — my boy’s first “official meal” was Greek food. Not quite Bulgarian, but it’s not like we have a plethera of Bulgarian fast-food places around us. Eh, at least Greek is close enough to his ethnic origin 🙂

    In other news, Neko hasn’t had any accidents (or purposeful displays of disobedience) in 4 days. Yeah!