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    HI essentials

    July 11th, 2016

    We’re going to HI in a few weeks on vacation. Storm has began packing. He brought this to me last night as the items we need to pack for our trip. Let’s review, shall we?


    A bag holder. Packs small, holds a decent amount of weight. Practical
    Shark. I guess there aren’t enough, and it’s a BYOS (s = shark) kinda state. Alright…
    A Lego Trident. Maybe to be used on the shark? But we’re surrounded by water, so a little homage to the god Poseidon might not be a bad idea.
    Jewel. Authenticity not relevant.
    Ticket. (This is actually a folded up business car Not sure what for.

    But alright, we’re ready to go!

    The mind of a 5 year old. Gotta love it!

    Pre-K Graduation

    June 26th, 2016

    We have another pre-K graduate in our home. S2’s pre-K graduation was just this Friday and we were treated to watching our kid get a “diploma”, along with a few songs, a play adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are (S2 was a “Wild Thing”, in case you were curious)… and what milestone even is complete without the “Chicken Dance”?

    I’m proud of this little dude so much. The past few month have been really good for him, and I’m really excited about this next stage in his life. I’m also really excited about the single drop-off (AND pick-up!) that will come with the next school year. I just can’t believe how big he’s gotten! Long gone are the days of the 20″ little being that would sleep on my chest and fit between my chin and waist. Today he wraps his legs around me when I carry him (and I still do, because I can… and because I know these days are numbered) and it’s just so obvious how far we’ve come.

    He wants to be a policeman when he grows up. AND a fire-fighter! He’s going to be a busy guy: that’s for sure. But at least he’s aiming to be a hero to others, and it’s hard for me not to want to support these career goals.

    We had the car packed to the gills on the way to his graduation. As soon as it was over, we piled in and headed to a camping trip we’d planned with friends for months. So you can say it’s been a very full week-end. This also means a major photo overload, so let’s just get started here 🙂





























    PS. Wow! I just realized this is probably the last time I’ll be using the “Raising Pre-schooler” tag. Sniff! Sniff! Another milestone phase complete. Wow!

    Smart ass #2… Or is it #3?

    December 29th, 2012

    Me: Hey guys, what would you like for breakfast?
    S2: Cereal!!!
    Me: G, how about you, bud?
    S2: [grin] poo-poo!

    In his defense, G asks for poo-poo all the time.

    Movie Monday

    May 23rd, 2011

    S2 LOOOOVES him a tasty toe snack before bed-time. As soon as his cloth diaper comes off, and those feet are in range, he’s all for it.


    Of course, not to be out-done, when G heard about his younger brother’s flexible skills, he decided to show us he could (still) do it too. Observe the happy squeals coming from the young dude on my left. I think S2 was egging his older brother on.


    See all the glorious moments I get to document while sitting in between the boys while in the car?