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    A love story (… maybe triangle?)

    July 2nd, 2016

    This is the story of Babe, Dude, and S2.

    Dude has a crush on Babe. S2, however, don’t care and likes to get in between them for fun. Here’s an example.

    Dude trying to get close to Babe. (see that elbow in the photo? Yeah — that’s the guy who’s about to ruin it all)


    Dude isn’t too happy.


    “Babe? What’s going on?”


    Dude is now back to happy, but there’s always that “shadow”



    All these photos started with G asking me to take a “pre-engagement” photo of her youngest and his crush. I tried to oblige. S2 had other ideas.

    These 3 have known each other for two years. They’re good friends, but I find it hilarious that S2 kinda likes to torment his buddy “not getting alone time with his girl”.

    So when is the appropriate time to teach your son about #brosbefore****???
    (P.S. struggling to find a phrasing NOT including a female degrading term, but alas….)