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    A lesson lost?!?!

    September 18th, 2010

    Yesterday G and K were bouncing on our bed. G is new to this whole bed-bouncing activity, and actually last night was his first time. You’d think the boy who sings “No more monkeys jumpin'” ‘just cause would’ve learned something from that cautionary tale,¬† but no. Alas last night he jumped too close to the ledge, bounced off S’ night stand and landed on the floor. He wasn’t hurt (thankfully), but it did startle him a good deal.

    So today, we’re in the car, and G begins to sing the monkey song to himself.

    G: Doctor said, no more monkeys

    Me: The doctor said no more monkeys should do what?

    G: No more monkeys!

    Me: What should the monkeys not do?

    G: Jumpin’ on the bed

    Me: Why?

    G: Fall head

    Me: That’s right. They fall and bump their heads. Did YOU jump on the bed last night?

    G: Yeah

    Me: Did YOU fall and bump your head?

    G: Yeah

    Me: Are you going to do it again?

    G: Yeah

    So there  you have it. No lessons learned here. Our monkey will keep on jumping on the bed. Sigh!