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    Halloween recap

    November 9th, 2017

    A little story as retold by Shane…
    When half the crew was ready to bail on ToT (it was getting late/they got tired), they turned back. On the way, Storm asked Shane to go ToTing on his behalf.
    Shane: No way! You don’t ToT at my age
    Storm: Why not?
    Shane: Plus I don’t have a costume
    Storm: Sure you do! You can go as a parent without a kid.

    Nice one, kid! Nice one!

    Meanwhile, our annual Arata Farms trips go on. It took us awhile to find our way out of the maze, and we did. I shouldn’t be surprised at all the traffic to HMB. I was hoping since it wasn’t Pumpkin Fest it wouldn’t be as bad, but, well… I think I just need to come to terms that if it’s Oct, it will be busy. Super warm day too — warm enough for the kids to want ice cream.














    OH, and of course — my brothers photo w/ pumpkins 🙂


    Happy Halloween!

    November 3rd, 2010

    I meant to post these on Monday, but S2 decided to upstage me 🙂

    Just think: next year, we’ll have 2 monkeys prancing around.

    Trick or treating

    Making spooky pop-corn hands

    Daddy’s serious, scary and… uhmn… constipated face 🙂

    Boo! (or should we say Moo!?)

    October 31st, 2009

    G’s time in therapy is already a given, so I had no qualms in ordering G this year’s costume. As a matter of fact the moment I saw it, I got all giddy.

    Have I ever mentioned that my dream is to be super pregnant over Halloween, so I can dress up as a cow? I just want the udders sticking out over my big Baby belly. Alas, I can’t 1) plan for such an event; 2) find a cow costume my size. So, instead I shall live my dream through my son and torment him.

    At daycare yesterday, there was a parade and all the kids got treats. Of course, as we discussed last year, since G is too young for candy, what it means is that S and I got treats. We ate his bag of goodies promptly after dinner — hmn… yummo. But don’t be sad for G. We left him the mini Play-Doh, the pencil and paper pad. He can put them to use in a few years.

    You know that California Cheese commercial that says “Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California”? Yeah, well, sadly, G was not a happy cow. He wasn’t thrilled about the grass of all things. He didn’t know what to do with it. Yeah, we don’t play in the grass of our yard (like ever), and his daycare playground flooring is foam, so I’m not too shocked that grass is kind of foreign to him: he just wanted nothing to do with it. Yes, a city child you are, My Dear!


    October 31st, 2008

    Do you miss trick-or-treating? Did going candy-hunting in your teens get you evil looks?

    Well… fear no more — there is a solution to the sad result of aging: having a baby!

    That’s right folks, you heard it here. Just dress up your baby in the cutest costume you can find (or a $20 cheapie from BRU) and take them door to door with a bag for your loot stretched out.

    No infant of your own? This would be a great evening to volunteer to babysit. You get the chocolaty goodies and you don’t have to share (works best for babies not introduced to solids).

    I’d like to tell myself that G is in fact getting his candy… I just have to digest it first… for quality control that is ;p

    G says “Roar!”

    Happy Halloween!