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    How I lost my curls: a toddler story

    January 9th, 2010

    This is me, G. Although Mom sometimes calls me Farrah on account of my feathery locks.

    After Dad relented, we ended up here.

    I had no idea what was coming.

    So we waited…

    …and we waited…

    …and we waited.

    Waiting is hard.

    REALLY hard!

    I was SO out of there.

    But luckily there were trains to play with.

    Bye, bye baby curls!

    I wasn’t too crazy over getting my head sprayed with that cold stuff.

    Until I spotted the Aminal Cwackehs. Then life was good.

    First snips

    Gimme some crackers, and no-one gets hurt!

    How do I look?

    How about one more for the road?

    And another for good behavior?

    Bye, bye Farrah!

    Hello, good lookin’!


    [As Mommy] I am SO proud of our little man. Hair spritz aside, he was awesome for his first hair-cut. Didn’t cry, didn’t twist and turn. At the end the hair-dresser even brought out the clippers and he didn’t even flinch!!! Of course those animal crackers are what kept him going.

    He looks like such a big boy now.