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    The haircut stand-off

    November 18th, 2009

    G needs a hair cut.

    This is my opinion anyway. S, unfortunately, is not in agreement. While our little guy is as cute as can be, he’s growing a baby mullet on the back of his head. I’m ready for his locks to be trimmed, but S isn’t and until he gives the final OK, I’m patiently waiting.

    For S, it comes down to a control thing: having no hair of his own to manipulate, he’s chosen G’s locks to control. I think my husband is damn hot in how he looks, but if he needs a head of hair to feel in charge of, fine!

    I am, however, not taking this battle sitting down. My weaponry of choice? Hair clips! That’s right. Hair clips! If G’ll have the long girlie strands, I’ll take the girlie approach to hair management. I was a little saddened when the tech at our big u/s announced we were having a boy, ONLY in that I would never get to braid his hair, but hey, turns out I had nothing to feel saddened over. I’m on my way to getting my braiding dream. Here’s G sporting one of my clips to school today.

    Doesn’t he look pretty (pardon the yogurt all over his mouth)? Where I put one on, S takes it off behind my back. It’s a passive aggressive battle, but kind of fun. (Little does S know I’ve got only about 2 dozen floating around the house and and least 4 in my purse.)

    I am also not above the pink-bow head-bands (anyone got one they can lend me?) or doing pig and pony tails.

    S, can I win yet? Please????